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The Kakanui farm is a demonstration of 0.57 ha of intensive horticulture.

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Firgrove is Agroecology in action with an emphasis on Natural Animal Health.

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Good Earth Great Food

The Good Earth Great Food programme invites you to participate in a range of experiences.

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We are at a cross roads and we need to take a careful turn, the viability of our planet depends on it. Industrially based agriculture and food production has had unintended consequences, it has delivered unhealthy soils, sick animals, antibiotic resistance, undrinkable, un-swimmable water and crops that are loaded with chemical residues. And many people are malnourished or hungry. The climate is changing we must change with it.

Good Earth Great Food is about developing, researching and communicating vital skills. We embrace the ideas of Agroecology but also feel people get constrained by dogmas so encourage simply good ethical management as a first step.

Marion Johnson (Oturehua) & Jim O’Gorman (Kakanui) welcome you to join us.


Out on the farm agroecology engages farmers with agriculture and ecology. Farmers develop a system, unique to their farm, that nurtures the soils, plants and animals and in turn supports families and communities. There are guiding principles for Agroecology but the solutions are always local.


Find out more and get involved with the Good Earth Great Food Blog.

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Knowledge Base

View our Knowledge base of New Zealand native plants for Natural Animal Health.

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View some of the online videos that feature Jim
(The Dirt Doctor).

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